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Hi everyone, name is George Gina Pagala.  Here you can view all my recent work I did going into the program of Graphic Design. Learning the process of designing I wanted to go together more toward with  Logo branding, illustration and animation.

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is George Gina Pagala. I’m graduate at Fanshawe College programming in the field of graphic design. Ever since I was in high school the hobby that I enjoy doing is designing. Designing was my pass time where I could be myself and express my interest as a individual through my work.

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Logo Branding

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Beer Branding

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In my third year in college. Ive gotten to experience animation throughout my last year of graphic design. Which I quite and enjoyed. Using after  effect and bringing our illustration to live animation was quite enjoyable.

Animation Video


1st Step - Rebrand Corporate ID

2nd  Step - character Design

3rd Animation 3D’S

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Web Design

Throughout my 4 years in post-secondary, in the field in which I am programming in, I have explored advanced learning in website design. Yet there are far more processes I have yet to accomplish to further my knowledge in the work field as a web designer, which I’m glad to do so.

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Event Recreating

This logo I design is the 75 Anniversary logo design. That I wanted to collaborate with the number 75 on the logo combining it the original logo into the bottom of the five. I believe this logo created a great overview to their 75th anniversary celebration, with combining it with their original logo design.

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